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Region VII Planning and Development Council

We promote stability, growth, and progress in West Virginia

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Region VII

Million in federal funding secured


Households with new and improved service


Jobs created and retained

Established by WV Legislature in 1971, the Region VII Planning & Development Council’s goal is to achieve growth through a partnership of our local communities and the region as a whole.

Region VII Planning and Development Council is one of eleven (11) planning and development councils in the state of West Virginia. We serve as a “development district” to more effectively utilize funding resources and maximize our communities’ chances of attracting funds from federal, state, and local organizations to foster community and economic development and intergovernmental cooperation throughout the state. By coordinating closely with our affiliates in the region, we promote stability, growth, and progress in West Virginia, especially assisting local jurisdictions too small to maintain staff for grant writing and project planning.

Region VII
Region VII Counties

Our Region

Region VII PDC is located in the central portion of West Virginia. It is one of the largest regions in geographic area and is also one of the most rural. Region VII serves a total of 31 jurisdictions which include the seven (7) counties of Barbour, Braxton, Gilmer, Lewis, Randolph, Tucker, and Upshur and the 24 municipalities therein.

Our Services

We're here to help

Our staff can help your organization apply for funding packages; solicit engineers, architects, attorneys, bond council, accountants, and other consultants as needed; and administer your projects to ensure funding is properly managed and all program guidelines are followed.